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At Edinburgh we share and promote universal values. Our values underpin our community – locally, nationally and globally. We believe that we all have the responsibility to demonstrate our values in all that we do and that we should do so with integrity.


(Edinburgh School Council – December 2015 – defined integrity as ‘Doing the right thing all the time even when no-one is looking or listening’)


Values of respect and unity


At Edinburgh we accept the views and opinions of others and are confident in our own ideas. We believe that respecting each other makes our community stronger and more unified. We have empathy for each other and try to be generous and selfless.


Values of tolerance and acceptance


Edinburgh Primary School is a diverse community where we include and accept difference. We encourage kindness and friendship and want our children to become compassionate and confident adults.


Values of democracy and equality


At Edinburgh we promote the values of a democratic and fair society. We want our children to be responsible and honest and have the skills and confidence to make their voices heard as part of the democratic process. We want them to see people as equal and to have the empathy and courage to promote equality for all throughout their lives.


Values of justice, liberty and the rule of law


Edinburgh’s rules are based on rights and responsibilities. We understand that we all have rights and that we all the responsibility to behave in a way that supports the rights of us all. We believe that justice and the rule of law protects freedom and liberty and Edinburgh seeks to support and secure justice for all.

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Edinburgh Primary's Values

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Our Values