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Point of contact for queries: Sandra Rad - Office Manager

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Acting Headteacher: Piers Maitland

The Edinburgh Primary School Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that every child attending the school receives the highest possible standard of education.


The Governing Body works closely with Jane Harris, the head teacher, to set the school’s long term aims, ambitions and goals.


Individual governors also have specific responsibilities to monitor certain aspects of the school’s business. Below is a list of the current governors that form the Governing body.

The majority of the conversations and discussions that take place at governing body meetings are a matter of public record. This means that anyone, including parents, can ask to see a copy of the minutes of governing body meeting to see what was discussed and the decisions that have been made. If you want to see the governing body minutes please ask staff in the school office and they will be happy to arrange for you to see a copy.


Governing body meetings are important, and they are where we record our decisions, however a lot of the work that governors do involves visiting the school, talking and engaging with teachers, year group leaders and curriculum leaders. As the chair of governors, I meet with Jane Harris once a month to discuss how the school is getting on with its ultimate aim of giving a great rounded education to all the children in the school.


If you have any questions relating to what the governing body does, or if you are interested in joining the governing body, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the school.


Tom Goodall

Chair of Governors

Mr Thomas Goodall  (Chair)   -Co-opted Governor


Co-opted Governors

Ms Charlotte Antoniou

Mrs Shirley Hanna (non teaching staff)

Mr David Rawcliffe

Mr Robert Cohen (Safeguarding Governor)



Ms Jane Harris


Local Authority Governor

Cllr Aktar Beg


Parent Governors

Mr Imran Ravat

Ms Alison Emmett

Ms Lindsay Read

Mrs  Hira Majeed


Staff Governor

Ms Sana Iftikhar

Our Governing Body

If you need to contact Thomas Goodall (Chair) or Robert Cohen (Safeguarding), please contact the school office.


Email the Chair of governors:

Available Downloads


Governors Pecuniary and Personal Interest Register 2015-2016


Governors Publication of data 2015-2016

A message from the chair of Governors

The Governing Body

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Governors Publication of data 2016-2017

Governors Meeting & Attendance 2015-2016


Governors Publication of Data 2017-2018

Governors Meeting & Attendance 2016-2017


Governors Pecuniary and Personal Interest Register 2017-2018