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Headteacher: Mrs Faye Rider


At Edinburgh, we are proud to provide children with the opportunity to learn debating skills through our links with an educational charity called 'Debate Mate'. For the third year, our pupils have been taught by university students who themselves have a wealth of debating experience.

Debating is the art of 'polite arguing.'  In order to a successful debater, children are taught specific skills which include:


* co-operating with others


* generating well-structured arguments using Point, Evidence, Explain and Link


* how to raise and respond to a Point of Information (POI)


* how to use Rebuttal


* how to summarise speeches.


The children are given opportunities to practise these skills during our weekly club sessions which prepare them for the Primary Debate Mate League and the Debate Mate Cup competitions against other London schools.

The benefits of learning debating skills include leadership skills, greater confidence, communication and higher order thinking skills.


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Debate Mate