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Data Exchange

Privacy Notice

B2B is the secure automated transmission of pupil-level data from the School’s management information system to the Local Authority ONE central pupil database. The data is transferred via a secure internet connection. The data transmission from the school management information system is delivered to the Local Authority through a regular scheduled routine.


The London Borough of Waltham Forest (the Local Authority or ‘LA’) uses information about children for whom it provides services , to enable it to carry out specific functions for which it is responsible . The core pupil records will be accessible to authorised Local Authority officers of the relevant services which maintain service data in the ONE central pupil database.


The more regular sharing of information supports the Local Authority’s ability to improve the learning and welfare of children and to enable it to best fulfil its statutory duties. The Local Authority also uses the information to derive statistics to support strategic planning.


The School is the Data Controller for the personal data held in relation to its business; and the Local Authority is the Data Processor. The LA may advise and support the School in the quality assurance of children’s records but any data amendments to the records will only be made by the School on the school management information system at source.


This notice provides information about how pupils’ information is used by the Local Authority and should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Notices provided by your child’s school and by the Department for Education (DFE). For a copy of the School’s Privacy Notice please click here.

The DFE’s privacy notices are available at:


If you require further information about how the DFE stores data please write to the following address:


Public Communications Unit

Department for Education

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Privacy Notice