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Point of contact for queries: Sandra Rad - Office Manager

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Headteacher: Mrs Faye Rider

Blogs Information


The purpose of our blogs is to share the children's learning and experiences with their families and wider community. The blogs also offer a platform so that the pupils can look back at their time at Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh Primary School is committed to using technology to enhance learning and to support home- school communication.


Each cohort is given a 'blog' site when they join the school. This blog will follow the children as they move up the school (e.g. the current reception will be able to look back at their school experiences when they progress through different key stages). This will then provide the children with a timeline of their time at Edinburgh.


Online safety is very important to us. We only post pictures of children when we have received parental consent (usually at admissions meetings). We do not post pictures of children with their names unless we have special permission for specific events. As a general rule, children will never be named against a photo of them.


Most of our blogs are closed. This means that you cannot comment on them. However, in some cases, we may use the blog to receive comments and opinions. In these cases, all blogs are 100% moderated and offensive, abusive or otherwise inappropriate posts will not be displayed and the necessary action will be taken with network providers and Google who host our blogs.


If a parent or carer wishes for a photograph to be removed from the school website or blog, they should put this in writing to the school office. Parents requesting this may be invited to a meeting with a member of the senior leadership team.


For further blogging or website comments or enquiries, please see Steve Buckley.